Dear friends,

Thanks to you we have collected more than €2.500 in September 2013 at our Charity Event “One day for Belarus” directly and subsequently via our platform on betterplace. As planned, this money (almost the total collected sum) was spent on medical equipment for the hospice:

  • 5x blood pressure gauges with an extra small children sleeve. (cost: €377,31);
  • 3x anti-decubitus systems which are constantly needed in the hospice (cost: €472);
  • 2x suction pump for airways on a battery (€1.160,85).

You can read the full report here:

There are still €591,80 of the donations left. We are thinking about investing them into more equipment for the hospice most urgently needed by the children, rather than providing them in cash to the hospice. We hope that you agree on this! After contacting the hospice, we have learned that a bathing support for children is what is needed most on top to the medical equipment already provided . Prices for such a bathing support vary depending on the size and the manufacturer. We have screened for suitable models of such a bathing support and have encountered in particular two which would serve the purpose and standard required by the hospice. For the one, the model “Basti” (manufacturer Schuchmann) prices vary between €864 - €1.094 and for the other, the model “Robby” (manufacturer Ottobock) prices vary between €1.037 - €1.089.

Deducting the donations left from the prices stated we are still short by about €270− €500 in order to pay for a bathing support.

Our idea: We are thinking about having with you lovely people a relaxing cycling tour from Wiesbaden to wonderful and picturesque Kloster Eberbach which is located near to the Rhein river (distance one way about 13 km). Besides meeting and catching up with all of you while enjoying the ride in spring season and having nice food e.g. at the restaurant place at Kloster Eberbach, we also want to think at this occasion about the children of the hospice and ask all who join or who want to donating €10-€15 in order to purchase the needed bathing support. Wouldn’t it be great if we could make it?

If you like the idea and want to join our TAA cycling tour and also to support children hospice in Belarus in financing the bathing support, please let us know by Friday, 9th May 2014.

Looking forward to good weather and to seeing you all!!! Here the key data:

When /Where: Sunday, 11th May 2014, time 10:40 at Wiesbaden Schierstein Bhf

Tour: from Wiesbaden Schierstein to Kloster Eberbach (approx. 13 km one direction)

If you are going from Frankfurt: We take the train VIA25010 from Frankfurt HBF at 09:53

Registration: by Friday, 9th May 2014 via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Miscellaneous: Please don’t forget to take your bike with you … :)

Your Thinking & Acting team