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Dear friends,


TAA kindly invites everyone who is interested in the topic of sustainable consumption to our event “Respect the Planet”.

The question that we raise and would like to answer together is: "How can we meet our everyday needs, whilst respecting our planet's limited resources?"

According to the United Nations statistics, only 2.5 billion people lived on the planet in 1950. Nowadays the number has grown to 7 billion and it is expected that the population number will expand further - up to 12 billion by 2050. 

We all have certain needs in our everyday lives: we buy groceries, clothes, use water, electricity and cause waste. But do we realize that resources of our Planet are not endless?

We should start thinking and acting now to preserve the resources for the generations to come. That what the concept of sustainability is about.  

By attending our event you will learn about simple, yet very important steps we all can take towards sustainable consumption, so that we make the right choices in our everyday life. 



Friday October 2, 2015 at 7pm

Interkulturelle Bühne, Alt Bornheim 32, Frankfurt am Main



Free entry

Food & drinks are arranged by our host Interkulturelle Bühne, costs depend on your consumption.



Please register your attendance by September 26, 2015 at the latest, following the doodle link below:

Please put “dinner” in brackets if you would like to order dinner for the evening so that we can inform Interkulturelle Bühne beforehand.

Feel free to also invite anyone else who might be interested!


Sincerely your TAA-team:

Aika, Olesya, SveTAA, Svetlana, TAnjA, Uwe and Vihra

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