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In parts of the world November is not an easy month: rich autumn colors are slowly fading; it is cold, wet and grey. It is not until December that the first snow falls and Christmas & New Year preparations begin, lighting up the streets and our hearts. So this year we would like to make the month of November brighter and warmer with all of you. Even if you are in the Southern Hemisphere and the sun is shining where you are, you are more than welcome to join us.

Thinking and Acting (TAA*) is hosting a 21-Day Kindness Challenge and is warmly inviting you to participate in it. Start date is 1 November 2016.

The impact of kindness goes well beyond our personal happiness or the well-being of the person we help. Instead, it can spread to countless people whom we may never meet.

When we witness someone else's good deed, we experience "elevation," which refers to the warm and uplifting feeling. As the Dalai Lama said “Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”

We will be hosting our challenge on KindSpring.org, which is a commercial-free platform run entirely by volunteers.

After you register for the challenge, you will receive a daily email from us with an idea for an act of kindness for that day. So every day you will be doing something new and different. However, you don’t necessarily have to follow that particular idea if it does not resonate with you. You can always do something that is meaningful to you.

The Kindness Challenge will run from 1 November till 21 November.

Join the kindness challenge here: 21-Day Kindness Challenge with Thinking & Acting

The first part of the challenge refers to practicing kindness towards yourself. This is a great foundation to assist in developing compassion towards others. The second part will offer ideas on how doing small things will pass on kindness to others in your daily life.

We would like to share our experiences and support each other along the way. Your daily engagement could be as little as 2-5 minutes (or more, if you'd like!).

TAA will also be hosting weekly Skype calls to discuss the progress of the challenge, so you are very welcome to join the conversations - we will be very glad to hear about your journey! We have scheduled three calls at 7pm Central European Time on following days: First get-together call on 25 October; progress of the challenge will be discussed on 15 November and your overall impressions and conclusions in a final call on 24 November. Just add “Thinking and Acting” in Skype and let’s meet there!

Why are we starting this kindness journey and encouraging you to join us? Simply to make the world around us a kinder and better place.

Isn’t it amazing to know that someone else on the other side of the planet is doing the same thing as you at the same time?

We look forward to welcoming you as a participant on our wonderful journey.

With gratitude and kindness,

Your TAA-team

Aika, Olesya, SveTAA, Svetlana, TAnjA, Uwe and Vihra


Want more inspiration? Watch this video: Doing Good Feels Good

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*TAA is a group of highly motivated volunteers who spend their free time exploring opportunities to make a world a better place through informational and charity events, donation projects etc. We believe that small steps matter! For more information check our internet page: http://www.thinkingandacting.org or facebook: www.facebook.com/thinkingandacting