LABDOO is a humanitarian social network joined by people around the world who want to make our planet a better place by providing those in underdeveloped regions (both in the developing and the developed world) a chance at a better education.

The goal of the social network is to send unused laptops, ebook readers, tablet-PCs and any device that can be loaded with educational software to needy schools around the world using collaboration and without incurring any economic nor environmental costs.

Unused computer devices are called dootronics, as in labdoo electronics. A dootronic is therefore any laptop, tablet, ebook or device in general that can be loaded with educational software and sustainably transported to a needy school.

The world retires every year hundreds of millions of dootronics that are still in perfect condition. Simply by sanitizing and loading them with learning software, they can become a very powerful tool to unlock education around the world.

How is it possible to collect unused learning devices around the world and sustainably send them where needed without damaging the Planet?

Namely, through the combination of two basic building blocks:

(1) technology/information sharing and

(2) massive global goodwill collaboration.

To achieve sustainable organic growth and prevent damaging the planet, Labdoo uses a collaborative grassroots social networking system. This allows Labdoo to globally unlock resources which are found in excess capacity (such as unused laptops, travelers, know-how, goodwill, etc.). Labdoo and its approach to help bring education around the globe has been acknowledged by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as "promoting a valuable and sustainable contribution to the development of educational learning in foreign countries".

To learn more you can watch the video HERE or visit offical LABDOO webpage.

TAA members support LABDOO by translating its webpage content into Russian. With the assitance of TAA friends Leila Kirilova and Sergei Kirilov this educational video was recorded in Russian language as well (voice - Leila, recording - Sergei, text translation - Olesya Zvankovich).

We believe that investment in education is one of imporatant steps towards a better world. And as we all know... small steps matter!


Your TAA-team:

Aika, Olesya, SveTAA, Svetlana, TAnjA, Uwe and Vihra