Thinking & Acting e.V. (further referred to as TAA) has been acknowledged as a non-profit organisation by the ministry of finance (Finanzamt) and formally registered by German authorities since December 2014. However, TAA launched its activities long before that.

Back in early 2013 we, a group of motivated friends, came together and brainstormed on how we could combine our efforts to help others. This is how in March 2013 the first TAA charity event became a reality. Every cent of the donations was transferred further to the SOS-Kinderdorf project “SOS-Nothilfe Syrien” that provides aid to children and refugees from the Syrian war zone.

After the success of the first event we realised that our vision and beliefs had a strong support in the community. “Small steps definitely matter” we thought, and so we decided to continue organising charity events and additionally informational evenings.

Later on, we made a decision to officially register ourselves as an “eingetragener Verein” (registered association) with the district court (Amtsgericht), which has since been accomplished.

As we are all purely volunteers, all of the donations are spent entirely to support our projects.

In accordance with TAA bylaws, the following goals determine our activities:

  • encouraging peaceful intercultural coexistence and communication
  • helping disadvantaged people and those in need
  • animal protection
  • nature protection

The founders of TAA are:

  1. Uwe Boehme
  2. Sviatlana Danilychava
  3. Vihra Dincheva
  4. Tatsiana Harelyshava
  5. Aika Victoria Kadyralieva
  6. Svetlana Moisseyeva
  7. Olesya Zvankovich

TAA is registered in Frankfurt am Main, Germany with founding members residing additionally in Mainz, as well as overseas in Australia.

Thinking and Acting is a collaboration of highly motivated people from many cultural backgrounds. Our activities are completely free from any kind of political or religious standpoints.


Our vision is that the world become a better place, where people:

  • create and share ideas,
  • turn ideas into actions,
  • enthusiastically make the first step to start a change,
  • start with a change in themselves,
  • are aware of their own responsibility for what is happening in the world,
  • realise that action is better than inaction,
  • believe anything is possible if they are open, try their best and support one another.


In order to realise our vision we are thinking and acting:



  • Collect, analyse and share information to raise awareness of what is happening around us
  • Generate ideas
  • Inspire each other
  • Carry out charity projects and informational events to support our vision
  • Create and coordinate the network of "thinking and acting" people
  • Offer a platform to share information and ideas



For transfers within Germany:

Thinking&Acting e.V.

GLS Bank

Account: 6036271600

BLZ: 43060967


For international transfers:

Thinking&Acting e.V.

GLS Bank

IBAN: DE34430609676036271600